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Cuisinart FP-12DC: Description

Choosing a very powerful food processor to do all the cooking prep in the kitchen will never be this easy. With the introduction of Cuisinart’s processor in the market, consumers know exactly what model to choose. The Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor is a convenient kitchen appliance that will chop, slice, dice, and even puree food very easily. With a 12-cup bowl capacity, the whole family will be able to enjoy delicious meals prepared at home. There are a lot of Cuisinart Elite Food Processor uses which makes it worth the price.

Cuisinart Elite Food Processor: Specifications and Features

The motor enclosed in this machine is able to run at a very powerful 1000 watts. It also follows a vertical design. Vertical designs use a direct drive system wherein the blade mechanism is situated right above the motor. This system allows the peak power to transfer energy directly to the blades and to the food. When it comes to the design, the shape is very sleek and simple. The most saleable is the Cuisinart Elite Food Processor die cast but people can also have it in black, white, metallic pink or metallic red. One of these color choices will surely fit anyone’s kitchen theme and style. Included in the front panel of the design is a touchpad control panel. Since it is touchpad, it is easily cleaned just by wiping.

It also has 3 simple and understandable buttons that says on, off or pulse. A blue LED light indicates if the machine is on. There are actually 2 work bowls in this unit. One is a 12-cup capacity bowl and an additional 4- cup bowl is also included for small projects. These bowls are designed to with a Seal Tight Technology. This type of technology helps ingredients stay inside the bowl even while the machine is turned on. It also helps lessen spills and leakage and it also increases the bowl’s capacity specially when handling liquids.

The bowls are made of a polycarbonate material which is very durable. The bowl cover also has release buttons to make sure that it does not slide open while the motor is operating. The feeding tube is quite large and will effectively lessen prep time.

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Unlike other food processors, the blades lock into place by a simple pusher assembly. A snap-fit blade is no different from a twisted blade when it comes to function but installing the blades through pushing and snapping is obviously a lot easier. The blades also have its own blade lock system which assures the user that the blades will stay in its place even if it is turning extremely fast. A dough blade is also included which is used for kneading dough for bread and other pastries.

All the blades included in the package are also made of stainless steel. It does not rust over time and is proven to be very durable as well. The stainless steel blades and all other Cuisinart FP-12DC food processor parts that are detachable are dishwasher safe so cleaning will be easy as well. This unit also allows the user to choose from 6 different thicknesses when it comes to slicing. People can decide from 1 mm thin slices to 6 mm thicker slices for a variety of recipes.

The reversible shredding disc can be used for both fine and medium shredding assignments. Both the slicing disc and the reversible shredding discs may only be use in the large bowl. The cord also easily wraps under the unit for easy storage. The Cuisinart elite food processor is a great product overall and consumers must take a look at this awesome kitchen appliance.